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    Remember login

    Thany2 Level 1

      How do I tell the creative cloud desktop application to rememeber my login? Every time my computer starts, I have to look up my username & password, which is tedious.

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          Thany2 Level 1

          Please, I still need an answer... I have to do this every day, and it shouldn't be neccesary.

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            Scott Garsed-Donnelly

            I second this. It's really annoying to have to re-enter credentials every time the app starts, especially since this is installed on my own private computer.

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              Does that mean it's a missing function, rather than a bug? That would be really bad. I mean, it's not hard to imagine storing login information would be a thing that absolutely everyone would appreciate.


              And testing another PC, login information isn't stored on it, either.


              @Adobe please make this ASAP. It's needed.

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                Thany2 Level 1

                Also, when starting Photoshop CC, I'm getting a message that says sign-in is required. When I get to the sign-in form, it says "Your credentials will be stored on this device."...


                Clearly, that's not working.

                So either there's some kind of bug, or this is functionality that hasn't been implemented (which is equally bad).


                (and btw, what if I'm offline and this message appears?? I can't do my work when I'm offline? I haven't tested this yet, but I'm not sure I wanna find out the hard way).

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                  Sebastian Knap Adobe Employee

                  Hello and thank you for contacting us. Could you please try that and let us know did it resolve the issue?


                  Please uninstall CC desktop and install again:


                  1. Go to Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers and uninstall Creative Cloud desktop

                  For Windows : Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features


                  2. Navigate to Applications/Utilities and look for CC Desktop app folder and move it to trash.

                  For Windows, uninstall the  CC desk top App from: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features


                  3. Run the CC cleaner tool and look for any traces of AAM. If present remove it:http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html


                  4. Navigate to Libraray/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE and rename to OOBE.old

                  For Windows: C:\Program  x 86 Files\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE to OOBE.OLD


                  5. Download and install CC desktop from the mentioned link:https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud


                  Please let us know whether it worked. You may contact Adobe Support if required.

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                    thany Level 1

                    Sebastian, just to be in the clear: is this to say the desktop app SHOULD remember one's login, even without it having an option to do so?


                    The thing is, I don't wanna put too much time and effort into it without knowing if there's at least a vague chance to get things fixed. On top of that, I've installed the desktop app on a different pc and it has exactly the same problem. That tells me the installation is not broken in any significant way.


                    Lastly, reinstalling an app that was installed fairly recently reeks of bad design, and I know how that doesn't sound all that nice. It's just that saving a username and password is unbelievably easy, so I have a very hard time trusting that reinstalling will solve anything.

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                      Sebastian Knap Adobe Employee

                      Creative Cloud Application automatically save's your login details. I would try to perform those steps I gave, that should resolve the issue. If that is not going to help, I would try creating another Adobe ID. Please get back to me.

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                        Thany2 Level 1


                        That part doesn't work. It goes to a nearly empty page (I'm only seeing a header), and every click leads to exactly the same. Can you please provide a deeplink to the actual download?