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    Problem with Edge animate and epub3.



      I created some interactive web pages using adobe edge animate cc for a book that will be displayed on ipad (Epub 3)

      when I test the web pages on pc they are displayed exactly as I want them to be.

      But when I try them on Ipad It shows no images.

      So I tried to append the images using some JQuey code

      $('#Stage').append("<img src = '....' />");

      and then when I tried to test this on Ipad all images where invisible too but when I rotated the device 90 degrees

      all images became visible.

      So when viewing those pages all images are invisible until rotating the device 90 degrees images become visible

      any suggestions where the problem could be


      I need the images to be visible when I open the page without the need of rotating the ipad

      I appreciate any help.