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    exporting and/or syncing custom crop sizes


      I'm sure the answer to this may be quite obvious, but unfortunately not to me!

      A lot of the work I do in photoshop involves setting up a unique crop size, and it's very rare that any job will have the same size as another. So, unsuprisingly, I have a lot of different custom crop sizes saved under the crop presets.

      I would like to have all these crops sync on my machine at home, but the sync function doesn't seem to do this, even though I have it set to sync all presets.

      So, I figured if that wouldn't work I could go to the presets folder within the program files, find the crop presets folder, and just copy/paste it over to my other machine. Doesn't seem to be a crop presets folder though, at least not in that location!

      So, is there a way to sync the crop presets or, failing that, where would I find the folder that these custom presets are stored?