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    Choose User Action in Task programmatically


      I have a process that has two tasks that is a simple 'approval' process.  I need to be able to programmatically choose either 'Approved' or 'Rejected' for a task so that the process goes to the next task assignment or exits the process and the process ends.


      From code how do you get the current task of a process, and action one of the user actions?



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          Hi,  try this for ES3

          ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

          long processId = YOUR_PROCESS_ID;

          ProcessManagementQueryService queryService = ProcessManagementClientFactory.getProcessManagementQueryService(myFactory);

          List<Task> lst= queryService.getTasksForProcessInstance(processId);


          String taskId = lst.get(0).getTaskId() + ""; // i think, the current task is first at collection

          String route ="YOUR ROUTE NAME";


          ProcessManagementTaskService taskService=ProcessManagementClientFactory.getProcessManagementTaskService(myFactory);

          taskService.submitWithPriorData(taskId, "");

          taskService.complete(taskId, route);