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    Retaining rules when changing a font


      Hello, this may be a repost.


      I am in ther process of converting a very marge number of pages and forms.  Originally the forms were set in the type style Frutiger, we are changing that out to Proxima Nova.  All narrow, bolds, italic etc. will remain as is.


      The form section has underlines set at the rules for a customer to fill out.  The underline is set to .5 pt.  When I do the find/change of the type to Proxima the underline rrule changes to .2pt.  I have been trying to find a way to keep the interigity of the rule without going into each one and changing it or using the charecter or paragraph styles.


      Is there a setting that will keep the underline at .5 or up to .7 while converting the font?