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    Master Page elements not showing up on top...

    Rhapsodies Fire

      I'm newer to ID and the industry in general...with no prior experience.  Running CS6 on Windows 8.1.  I have existing documents that were shared with me where the master page elements always appear on top, meaning on top of pages or items placed in a document.  Those items are surrounded by a red dotted line, and I cannot edit those in any way, shape or form.  I am working in a new document and all my master page elements have a blue dotted line and do not show up on top of anything no matter what I do and the option to Arrange isn't there.  I know I must be missing a really simple step, but in all of the videos and tutorials I've read and watched, this has never been addressed.  What am I missing?  See images below (added the green box to show an item on the page showing up on top of the master page stuff.)  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.