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    Cleanup - Removing unused image files?


      I have used some image files as templates in my animation. There doesn't seem to be a way to remove the files without Edge squaking about those files missing. Even after I have removed all references to those files. What is the proper way to remove unwanted files completely from a Edge animate project? It was suggested that there is a right click, but this only shows you where the file is in the finder.


      "File saved but Edge Animate encountered error(s): Failed to Copy Image: /Users/danjahson/Rain/Clients Work Folder/Nu Skin/Bespoke Moblie App/Intro & Reveal HTML Video/Bespoke_Intro/Bespoke_Intro_1/images/Intro_Template0012.jpg: No such file or directory"


      This file is no longer in the animation - but it still asks for it. I cant seem to kill it.


      I am on a mac with the latest version of Edge Animate (


      Any suggestions,