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    RoboHelp 9 output doesn't display Contents if called by HTTPS


      It sounds like the issue of the contents panel not appearing has been around a long time - and is even in RH10. I produced a WebHelp system in RoboHelp 7 a few years ago and had no problems. My IT department upgraded me to RoboHelp 9, and I made some updates to a few topics and redeployed it in our workflow system. However now the Help is missing the contents tree. Some experimentation revealed that the contents only appeared when we use an http call to the Help. If called from an https statement, which our secure workflow system does exclusively, the contents are missing. Since I see there is a fix for the missing contents in another post to the forum, I wondered if a) anyone else has seen my problem? and b) does anyone have a fix for it, or will the js script solution for RH10 to IE11 work for RH9 to IE8? Thanks, /Kit