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    OS requirements


      What are the projections for OS upgrades to run CC apps?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe does not sell operating systems... so what do you mean?


          Do you have a specific problem with a specific program?

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            Gurleen_K JapanEmployeeModerator

            Hi Carson_nl,


            As correctly answered by John T Smith, you need to be more specific about the information you are providing.


            If incase you want to know CCapps  will be compatible with which OS, so please refer the below mentioned link:



            Let us  know if it helps,




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              carson_nl Level 1

              Hi - thank you and I apoligise for being too cryptic. Am doing some cost projections and Adobe is one of the biggest influencers as to when we do OS upgrades. Meanwhile as a printer we have impostion and rip software to take into consideration. It is a balancing act. I was hoping for information on roughly when we'll need to move beyond Lion, Mountain Lion or Maverick. I understand this info may be speculative if it is available at all. Thanks again.

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                Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                Hi Carson_nl,


                Welcome to Adobe Forum,


                As I see that you are well versed with OS & their compatibility with Adobe Products, You must have observed that Adobe is gradually shifting to Subscriptions with the engineering focus of auto-update & upgrade. This is being done keeping the future in spectrum as we all contemplate that world will be moving from now OS to further enhanced version.


                Adobe Products will be compatible & upgraded duly with the launch of new Operating systems & the most beautiful feature is that an Adobe CC user does not have to go through the pathos of reinstall & purchase, it will be self upgraded as simple as just updating the Cc desktop App.


                This is the present modus operandi, any future changes will informed to our valued customer well in advance.