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    Fonts not embedding for iOS app in App Store


      Hi all,


      I'm having an issue using embedded fonts. Currently, I use 6 or so font files throughout my app. These fonts all display properly in the AIR simulator, as well as developer builds installed on the actual device. The problem comes about when I make actual builds for the App Store. The only thing I'm changing is the provisioning file and certificate, and yet none of these fonts display correctly. It looks like it's defaulting to Arial or something, like when you set embedAsCFF incorrectly.


      I'm currently waiting on a build to be approved where I can switch between two versions of the fonts, one as embedAsCFF=true, the other as embedAsCFF=false.


      Because the stock SDK wasn't working, I'm using Apache Flex 4.11 SDK, with AIR 13 beta and I'm SURE that I installed the Font Embedding tools with the SDK. I just realized while writing this post that Flex 4.12 is now available, so I'll try to download and make a build with that.


      Does anyone have any idea why these fonts would be missing when going from the developer build to the App Store build? The intensely frusterating thing about this is that everything will work in the test builds, and a week later when my update makes it to the app store it isn't working and I have to wait another week to try to fix it.