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    Help Urgently Needed downloading CC apps


      Hello fellow adobe users,


      I am having lots of trouble with creative cloud, have a membership but absolutely can not down load the programs.

      I have downloaded the CC App several times, but all it does is install what looks like an alias, and I just checked again in my apps folder and even that is no longer there.


      I am getting totally weirded out about all of this. I redownloaded the installer, and tried to download the CC app to my applications folder again,but the progress wheel has been spinning for about 45 minutes now and no dice.


      In the meantime since I first tried unsuccessfully to download, I have changed my credit card info with them, updated on the account page, but might it be that it takes them a day or so to recognize the change?


      But I do not really think that is the issue either, as it did not work for be even before I changed the credit card information.


      I really don't know what to do at this point - went to the chat but that only referred me back you this forum. WOW.


      Is there no way to call them directly and get some real action?


      This is something of an emergency, I took my site down because my host erased my keywords, and no one could find me, and they wanted to gouge me for more money which I had already paid them. I decided they were really only 2 bit crooks, and promptly put an end to that.


      Anyway that is a dead issue, but I need to create a new site and upload it to a new host ASAP--want to use Muse for that but there we are, I AM STUCK AND REALLY NEED HELP!


      Any real help I can get would be greatly appreciated, as in the meantime I am Dead in the Water!


      Thanks in advance for any real help you can give with this issue, downloading the CC Apps so they can be used on my computer.