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    How can I utilize text variable in my book which only uses data merge on the first chapter?


      Hey ladies and gents, I'm trying to automate a process here and running into trouble. I have the first chapter of a book with several data merge fields (legal documents etc), and want the later chapters to pick up from what I have already merged via text variables or SOMETHING. From what I've tried, the options available to me are limited and buggy.


      Using the running header with character styles almost worked, but it removes all visual tracking in text around it (I assume this is a bug) and it only works for the first/last instance of the style. I need something that will fill in all instances.


      Here is an example of what I'm doing. In the ch1 document of my book I data merge the Name, Age and Occupation of a person. In chapter two I want to have a variable that takes the name that was merged in ch1. Any ideas? Doesn't seem possible!