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    Poor Cloud storage service

    Arnaud G



      I'm not a big contributor of this forum or any forum in general, and not the kind of guy who complains on internet each time I've got an error message on my screen,  but this time I feel that I have to tell what I think.

      And just so you know, I am quite good in computer in general, and try to keep my system as clean and updated as possible.


      I love Adobe products which I use every day, and I was one of the first subscribers of the Creative cloud.

      I started to use the cloud service with the preview, and waited a long time before the final version.

      After approximatly 1 year of  usage I can say that Adobe Cloud storage is un-professionnal compared to other cloud services and I don't trust this cloud service anymore.


      This service is not at the core of adobe's historical activity and I can verify that every day. Feel that it was issued too early for the coherence of their offer,  and that it's still today  in beta version


      1) Poor performance and accessibility. Each time, I felt that it was longer than my dropbox account with no info on what file it is syncing. Very subjective , I agree.


      2) Wrong storage capacity information, no real time storage info update . Today my cloud is empty (0 file) as in my archive folder, and Adobe CC keeps saying that  86% of my storage is used.


      3) Frequent sync issues with file names. Fonts for my case , had to manually search for the file who was responsible


      4) No easy and reliable way to extend storage capacity. They say on the FAQ, get contact at adobe, no clear and public pricing information.


      5) Various Issues in syncing , and I still have no clue why. The only way was to delete all my 18 Go files and resync.


      6) Weird file disapearance....today still no clue


      7) Frequent errors in deleting archived files. Says there was errors in deleting.


      8) I do a lot of motion graphics and video , no way to share video stream, have to download to se the file. Weird... when they promote video production !!



      I don't want to charge Adobe for every issue I had or listed here, maybe it was my fault on some , but the overall experience was very very poor.

      So I decided to leave CC cloud and give my money to competitor, I did the first syncs on my 100Go storage  and I'm  quite satisfied so far. Hope it will continue.

      Maybe I'll switch back when Adobe will propose a more professionnal service.


      Thanks for reading me and sorry for the misuse of my english.