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    Move multiple objects with on click

    The shizzolator

      Hi there


      I am using Greensocks TweenMax to try and move multiple object across the screen with the onclick function. My code is not showing up errors and my Elements are at the front of the page but nothing happens when I click the element


      Here is my code, any help would be appricated



      // insert code for mouse click here
      TweenMax.to(sym.$("Geyser_Pic"), 1, {css:{right:"0px"}, ease:Expo.easeout});
      TweenMax.to(sym.$("Volcano"), 1, {css:{right:"150px"}, ease:Expo.easeout});
      TweenMax.to(sym.$("HotSpring"), 1, {css:{right:"100px"}, ease:Expo.easeout});