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    From Access to Adobe: tags get lost

    RuthJ1 Level 1


      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. (However, version 10.1.8 will  be installed soon).


      I create a report in Microsoft Access 2010. I add tags to every field in my Access report (right click on the boxes, go to Properties, click on the Other tab and enter a value for "Tag"). Then I click to export the Access report to PDF. In the Access export pop up window, I click "Options" and then check the box to include "Document structure tabs for accessibility".


      After the document exports, I open the document in Adobe and click Advanced, Accessibility, Full Check. But I get "The checker found problems which may prevent the document from being fully accessible". In the Details sections, it says: "This document is not tagged".


      Is there any way to carry over the Microsoft Access tags into Adobe?