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    After Effects CC Rendering Issues.


      Hey guys,


      I'm rendering DSLR footage out of After Effects for editing and grading. I have every clip in it's own comp with the Neat Video denoising plugin applied and some film grain, and I'm rendering every comp individually as DNxHD. The problem is that each comp seems to taken significantly longer to render than the one before it. For example, the first comp I rendered was about 11 minutes long and took a little under 2 hours. The next was only about 10 minutes long, but took 5 hours. I've even walked into the office in the morning to find comps on pace to take 10 hours. I'm rendering off a 2013 iMac with 24 GBs of RAM and a 3.5 GHz i7 processor rendering onto a 4 TB thunderbolt G-Raid. I have 18 GBs of Ram allocated to AE, and mulitprocessing enabled. Any ideas? I'm assuming there's some aspect of memory management that I'm not using properly. I should also point out that when I start rendering, the fan on my iMac goes into overddrive, but when I come in the next day everything is whisper quiet. Could my computer be overheating a scaling back it's work load?



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's possible that some video requires more work to remove noise than others. To be sure that it's building up the longer it renders, try rendering two compositions and then rendering them again in reverse order. If the times are significantly different the second time around, you know your culprit isn't the content of the comps themselves.


          Why are you processing the video in AE before you edit? You're going to go through a lot of render time for stuff you will never use in the final product.


          Also, what exact version of CC are you running? If it's not, you should seriously consider updating. Lots of bugs have been fixed.

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            AdobeAddicted Level 1

            That's a good idea, I'll give that a try.


            It's a new workflow that I haven't really nailed down yet. I want to denoise, add grain and transcode for better results in Resolve, but I like going from Premiere to Resolve in an XML. I haven't tried it, but I assuming a timeline linked to AE wouldn't properly export in an XML since it won't even translate basic disolves. Do you know of a better way to do this?


            Everything on my computer is completely up to date.


            Thanks for the response.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here's a workflow idea:

              You can import a Premiere project into AE and it makes a composition with each cut on its own layer. So you could import your edit into AE and maintain all of the cuts. (As mentioned, you won't have transitions in place, but a dissolve is easy enough to create in AE.)

              There are scripts out there (like VideoCopilot's Trim Compose script) that will make a composition for each layer (each cut, in this case) and you can then render each cut out with your noise removal.

              You could then import those files into Premiere to carry on with your XML to Resolve workflow and you won't have rendered hours of noise removal out of AE that you'll never use.


              Another option is to skip putting each clip into its own composition and simply render the whole thing out and then grade that. Alternatively, you could precompose whole scenes in AE and render those out.


              Another, entirely different thought, would be to use Color Finesse in AE to do your color grading. But, if you're familiar with Resolve, you might prefer that.

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                AdobeAddicted Level 1

                I definitely want to stick with Resolve. I only started using it a few months ago, but it's incredible.


                I was considered rendering the edited sequence out of AE and recutting in either resolve or premiere, but I wanted to avoid that if possible (in hindsight, it actually would've been much faster, haha). It would probably be easier than worrying about about replacing files with the denoised ones too, since there's so much room for error with that.


                I appreciate your help, I'll run that test and get back to you.