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    While outline around slices will not go away - pls help



      I have been working feverishly to get this ad campaing up as the Director decided last Friday that our dealine would not be March 24 but March 17...Obviously I didn't meet that goal however 3 out of the 4 pieces are done, I am just having one problem with the Spanish Language version of the webpage...I have 6 slices that are swapped images at the bottom of the page .  When exported there is a white line outlining the slice and the green bar is broken up.  You can see the effect at www.nctt.net/instituteSPTest.htm.


      I have tried everything I can think of from merging down layers, confimring the slice is a foreground image and making it the same color as the green bar, deleting everything and strating from scratch...


      It does not do this on the English version and I used the same template for both...(www.nctt.net/instituteTest.htm).

      Does anyone out there know how to remove the white outline and have a green line without little white lines?  Driving me nuts....


      Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.



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          Jencs Level 1

          Well, I finally fixed the problem but it took a while.  If anyone wants to know, I first went to the export wizard and choose javascript rollover instead of animated gif (didn't even know that was selected!), then in the preview window I choose jpg better quality, No Smoothing, unchecked sharpen color edges and unchecked remove unused colors. 


          I also went into the export options and changed the table "space with" to spacer from nested tables and choose non-breaking space for the contents.  I also checked the Use canvas color box. 


          I have a feeling that it was the table settings that were causing the problem and no the export wizard settings but who knows all I know is I can go home now.