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    live trace (vectorisation de l'image)


      i would like to live trace (vectoriser) a pdf drawing but i can't open the dialog box live trace(vectorisation de l'image) on version 17,1  could you help ?

      p.s. my illustrator is french version but i understand english writing

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          Zenek Demar Level 1

          There you have an example.

          Please let me know if it does not work, did not have time to test it.



          // select objects, which you want to trace and run the script.
          // do not trace more than five objects at once, as the tracing with defualt presets may take a lot of time. 
          #target illustrator
          var doc = activeDocument; 
          var sel = doc.selection;
          if (sel.length > 0) {
             for (var i=0; i<sel.length; i++) {
                 if (sel[i].typename == "PlacedItem") sel[i].trace();