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    Why is InDesign CS6 so slow accessing files on NAS?

    erblo007 Level 1

      Using InDesign CS6 on Mac OSX 10.6, accessing files on an Apple Airport Time Capsule.


      Here is my workflow:

      - Access indd files on Time Capsule.

      - Package file with links and fonts.

      - Move Packages to other computer (for image processing).

      - Move Packages back to Time Capsule.



      - When working on the files initially, everything is fine.

      - Once packaged, everything works fine on either computer, before and after image processing.

      - Once the packages are moved back to Time Capsule, there are long delays & beach balls any time you move the view, zoom in/out, etc.


      Things I have already tried:

      - turning off Preflight (no effect)

      - changing view to fast display (no effect)

      - live screen redraw is delayed.

      - happens on multiple computers, all with adequate RAM


      Any ideas on what this could be, or where to start troubleshooting?