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    You've been Signed Out


      I've scoured the adobe forums and interwebs for a solution and I feel I've exhausted all known solutions at this point.  


      My iMac is running 10.9.2 and connects via proxy server; I'm able to log-in to the creative cloud website via Safari and download the CC Desktop App and install it.    However, when I try to Sign-In, the CC window says I've signed out(repeats continuously no mattter how many times I input my log-in).   The CC application is version:


      I've located the opm.db file and have trashed it, renamed OOBE folder to OOBEold, etc., as well uninstalled CC and run the CC Cleaner tool to remove ALL adobe products to no effect.    Oddly enough, my Windows box next to my iMac, connected to the same proxy server, running Win7 32-bit, has no problem signing in to the CC desktop application.    I've tried inputting different domain names to bypass into the advanced tab in the Network settings on the iMac, but the results have run the gamut to the CC desktop application reporting I'm not connected to the internet to having no effect at all.   


      This apparently is a well documented problem, and no doubt an issue with CC and proxy servers.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.