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    roumanian characters




      I need some shortcut keys for roumanian characters and the lines I write in the Findtochangebylist do not work, even if I wrote them as I found it indicated in the manual, would you please give me a solution which work? Or any code for to make the shortcuts active?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          This is the same question you asked earlier, and chances are you will not get an answer for the same reason:


          (silence) ... What are you talking about?


          Your description of your problem is extremely vague. "FindChangeByList" has nothing to do with shortcut keys, and no amount of adding lines to its data file will add them.


          FindChangeByList needs: (1) text to search for, and (2) text to replace with. To add new items to the existing set, you should not change the script, but rather the data file:


          //Loads a series of tab-delimited strings from a text file, then performs a series

          //of find/change operations based on the strings read from the file.


          The data file can be found in the folder "FindChangeSupport" and is called "FindChangeList.txt".


          If you do need "shortcut keys" anyway, please say so -- but "FindChangeByList" has nothing to do with (the usual meaning of the term) "shortcut keys".

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            Amsterdam74 Level 1

            Ok, simple to say it, I need, for example, when I press taste 4 ($4 i mean, from the orizontal cifres line), to appear a special character with diacritics from roumanian alphabet. I need another 5 characters so that I can write in In Design, this is all.


            Sorry, i didn't figure out the solution from your answer, what should I change? What I reied before is to set an extra line the way I found it exemplified in the code fragment I wrote in my first post. No result.