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    Don't have appropriate permissions required to uninstall extension? (GuideGuide)


      I'm receiving this message:

      "you do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation adobe site:forums.adobe.com"

      When I try to uninstall the GuideGuide extension from extension manager.

      The extension stopped working after they recently released a new update, so I went to update it, only to be told that I need to remove the old one in order to install the new one. Ok, fine. Then I go to remove it, and I get the above error! I definitely do have the permissions! I'm the administrator! Why doesn't the extension manager know that?


      So, what do I need to do? Is there a way to manually remove the extension? I'm currently re-installing the extension manager in hopes that that works.


      For others with a similar problem, they've been running windows and just need to 'run as admin', but for me, being on a mac... It seems it's an uncommon problem.


      Thanks Adobe Community!


      I'm running CS5 (or 5.1?)