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    Shape group disappears when I make it a 3D layer ...

    thevisualedge1 Level 1

      So, a strange thing is happening.  I've got a corporate logo that was sent to me as an Illustrator file. 


      I dropped it into AE, and selected "Create Shapes from Vector Layer."  So far, so good.


      The instant I click to make it a 3D layer (Ray-traced), the shapes vanish.  The wireframe is there, but the shapes themselves aren't visible.  I can extrude the shapes--which is why I made the layer 3D in the first place--but they're all in wireframe mode and I can't figure out how to see them. 


      When I create a shape from scratch using the pen tool--in the same composition--I can see it no problemo, extrude it, light it, and everything looks great.


      No idea why this is happening with my converted shape group.  Thoughts?  I'm using the latest version of After Effects CC.