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    16 to 32 bit rates?


      I recorded audio in audition at 16-bit mode, although my MacBook appears to work best in 32-bit mode. I did this so that my recording can be compatible with the pcs and audio uploader I use at work, which uses 16-bit mode.


      Now I am unable to even play back my recording on my MacBook. I need to edit it and then upload it from the system at my work.


      How can I make the audio file compatible with both systems/play for now so that I can at least edit it?

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          Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sorry, but I think we need a lot more information about how you recorded your material and then what you did to it when it became unplayable.  What sort of audio interface did you use?  What are the full details of the settings you used to record:  bit depth (16 bit?), sample rate, the type of file you saved to (.wav .aif or something else), that sort of thing?


          FYI, Audition can convert most file types and sample rates/bit depths as required.  Similarly, there's no reason PCs can't work in 32 bit floating point--it's just down to the software you choose to do it.  However, if you have to end up in 16 bit for your uploader you may as well stick to that.