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    Preflight detected errors - overset text (1)




      I have copied / pasted text from a Word document and tried 2 ways to place it in my InDesign CS6 document


      (1) putting copied text into a prepared text box

      (2) using the 'text box' that 'came with' the copied text (enlarged to fit area)

      each time the dreaded 'red box with a + ' sign inside appears on the rt. side of the 'finalised' text

      and 1 error shows at the bottom which is the Preflight detected error - overset text


      I have loads of other text in my document but none copied/pasted

      Writing the text manually into the document is not an option in this case


      Do I have to format it somehow? I would really appreciate a really simple A-Z step answer for this old gal


      cheers  - any help will really stop my hair from greying any further Lou