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    How do I block users from taking an Adobe FC survey multiple times?

    S_Alfie Level 1

      Every survey service I've used gives me the option to allow users to take a survey only once. Can I do this with Adobe Forms Central? If not, there is enormous margin of error that I'll need to take into consideration when creating froms with this application.


      If I can't block users, is there at least a way to identify respondents internally? Like by IP address or something? We do a lot of employee performance based surveys in my company and generally these must kept anonymous, so we can't ask respondents for their names or any other personal identifiers. However, we need to be able to track responses so we know employees/supervisors are being rated fairly in a survey by single respondents from a broad spectrum of the company, and not multiple survey submissions by a single and potentially disgruntled employee.


      This also applies to surveys for other purposes, like contests. If we're using a survey to vote for certain contestants in a company competition, and rewards are involved, then we definitely need to be able to block users from taking the survey twice or even ten times. We can't have people winning contests based on some bogus survey responses.


      Help? Thoughts?