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    Why cant I see an image in flash players settings manager?

    saible60 Level 1

      Earlier i couldnt see an image in the settings manger. i research this and found that in, internet options>advanced tab>security. to uncheck the box that reads. save image to disk. so I cleared the check box and now I have an image to clear my flash cache.  Now i cant see it again.  the only thing different i did was run my Malwarebytes program.  that shouldnt have done anything to the problem. i checked the internet options under advanced tab again the the box is still unchecked.  so why am i not seeing the image?  also, when i checked to see if i had flash player installed ( I uninstalled my copy today and reinstalled the same program, I was concerned about a faulty program) it installed correctly, it said i have the current version installed but it says i dont have any browser?  Im using IE10.  it said all this when i was testing my new installation.  Please help..