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    Adobe Indesign CS6 Fonts issue

    Jan Lotz

      Dear Support,


      We have performed a re-installation of Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.


      We also had to re-install Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 as well as Adobe Indesign CS6 and Photoshop CS6.


      We have installed all Windows Updates and all Adobe updates.


      The problem we are experiencing is that Arial Narrow is detected by Indesign as a seperate font and not a family font.


      This in turn is causing issues as we cannot select Arial Narrow Bold, Arial Narrow Bold Italic and Arial Narrow Italic.


      The version of the font is 2.37.


      I have read on previous posts that there are issues with font version 2.35 which is installed with Microsoft Office 2007 and there is a hotfix on Microsoft's website.


      We cannot use this as stated above we use Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010.


      Please inform if there is a hotfix to run from Adobe's Website or from Microsoft to resolve the above issue.


      All assistance is much appreciated.


      Kindest Regards.