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    Stop Marker and BluRay

    MGW of Boulder

      Do Stop Markers work on BluRay Disks?

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          nealeh Level 5

          No. See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS59402903-7957-4335-BFEB-BC8980510ABA. html.

          Note:  Adobe Premiere Elements supports stop markers in DVD only. If your project includes menu stop markers, they are available only if you burn the project on a DVD. The stop markers aren’t available if you burn the project on a blu-ray disc or AVCHD.


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            It was only in recent Adobe documents that it acknowledged what had been known by the user for a long time that stop markers do not function in the play back of Premiere Elements' Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc. This stop marker issue was also found to apply to Premiere Elements' AVCHD on DVD disc which it was part of the Premiere Elements export choices. There is no workaround except to export your Premiere Elements Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive and then take that file to a 3rd party software for your burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc or AVCHD format on DVD disc with menus with stop markers that will function at playback in your player.


            There have also been user reports concerning problems with remote's Rewind and Fast Forward with regard to play back of Premiere Elements' Blu-ray product with standalone Blu-ray players. I do not have a standalone Blu-ray player to confirm or refute those findings. I do not see that problem if I play back Premiere Elements' Blu-ray or AVCHD product with a computer player.


            Although the answer to your question turns out not to be confined to a particular Premiere Elements version, it is always a good idea to start with the name of the Premiere Elements version that you are using and the computer operating system on which it is running. That type of information comes in handy if the person replying wants to add details specific to your situation.