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    Multiple psge errors on epub export in InDesign CS6



      I've been converting a printed text book file for use as a digital book for 'Kindle' from InDesign CS6. It has 57 chapters, so I've split the document into seperate InDesign docs and imported them into the InDesign 'book' I created. When I flightcheck the 'book' i get errors on all of the pages?


      I followed the Adobe TV video guide, and can't see what I'm doing wrong, but I get errors in every document, whether it's the cover, which is just an image, or a chapter, which is all text.


      Things which are common to all docs are, character and paragraph styles, the use of 'sections' to keep page numbering... but apart from that I can't think of anything which would create an error on every page.


      The error message isn't very helpful, as it just says 'error', not what's causing it!


      pleaee help.