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    Adobe Forms Payment Issue

    Potomac Chapter



      I used to have a paid subscription of Adobe Forms.  I have not had the paid subscription since January, and have been working with the free version.  I turned auto-renewal off in January.  Recently, I was told that my account was suspended and that I needed to update my credit card information. I believe this is because my old card expired and I was issued a new one. 


      I think it is strange that I was asked to update the information, since I have turned auto-renewal off, but I did anyway since I do need to continue with the free version and I was afraid that would be locked if I did not give my credit card information.  So when I did update it, my credit card was immediately charged even though I had auto renewal turned off.


      I contacted a customer service representative who said the charge would fall off of my card once it was done pending, however it did not and it is now posted to my account. I am very dissatisfied with this company's customer service and account management and I would like to be issued a refund.


      Thank you.