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    creative cloud?

    robirdman1 Level 1

      I don't understand this concept.  Is this to make sure that you never stop upgrading and paying forever, even if you are satisfied with what you have at some point?

      I already regret that the modifiable Web Galleries of Photoshop CS3 were terminated in CS4 and could only be added with a complicated series of manual additions in CS4 and CS5, and are totally unable to be added in CS6. Likewise the earlier support of Kodak PCD files that now sit on my computer unopenable. 

      If you start creative cloud and then stop, do all your programs stop working?

      So you get 20G of storage.  I have almost 3T of stuff and a website that has over 100G storage.

      Is there some advantage I am not seeing, in return for being billed forever?