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    Delete text after 24 hours


      I have a pdf form created in Acrobat XI Pro. I'm looking for a javascript 24 hour countdown timer that will delete text at the end of the 24 hours. The counter will start when a date field has been populated. Any suggestions?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What products with the end user be using?


          What type of text, comment, form field, or context?


          Do you want a timer or check when the PDF is opened?


          Reader has no editing, and depending on the version and rights applied to the PDF comments and form field changes are very limited.

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            JustMike Level 1

            I am using 3 text boxes form fields, that the user completes. I have a list box with options for them to select.  When they select Resolved I put the current date (mm/dd/yy) in a Date field.  I would like that to be my trigger to start the count down, so that at the end of 24 hours the all of the entries will be deleted, since they are no longer needed.


            Does this help?  Thanks!!


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              JustMike Level 1

              Is there any suggestions on how I can do this? Any help would be appreciated.

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                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Your description of how it should work is not complete. What happens if the file is closed, and then re-opened after 24 hours or more? What happens if the file is kept open? What happens if the status is changed during the 24 hours? etc. There are many variables here and not enough information.

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                  JustMike Level 1

                  My apologies for not providing more detail.


                  The idea behind the form is to be a running log for our help desk.  It will be saved at the end of each shift, with the next shift updating the same form for their shift.  For example Form 03-24-14.pdf.  The idea is to have them Save the form and replace the form from the previous shift with their own.  At midnight, Third shift will save the previous days form (Form 03-24-14.pdf) and the create a New form for the next day by doing a File Save As and save the form as Form 03-25-14.pdf.


                  What I have happening with the System Issues screen shot in my previous post is, Under Status when the Call Taker selects Resolved, the Date and Time field populates with the current Date.  And then what I would like to have happen is, after 24 hours of the Issue being Marked as Resolved, the Date/Time, System, Ticket Number, Issue, and Status fields all get purged/deleted.  If the Issue is Marked as Resolved, then there will be no further action for that particular line of information, so that status will not change at that point.


                  It is possible that the file will be Closed and then Opened several times during the 24 hour period. The way each shift works is, only one person will maintain it and be responsible for the content.  So having multiple people in it, or trying to access it at any time is low.


                  I created the form in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and then Save the form as a  Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (includes form fill in & save). This is the form that my users will be working from.


                  Please let me know if more detail is needed, or if it would be helpful to post a copy of my form.

                  Thank You….

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                    Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                    What you're describing is a database system and application to access it. I would advise against trying to use PDF forms for anything so sophisticated, it will all end in tears.

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                      gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      A bug/problem tracking system is more than tracking what is open. Dynamic data like you have is not well served with a PDF.