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    Having Trouble Opening TIFF Files

    Gabriel Marsh

      I'm having trouble opening TIFF files into Camera Raw. I have checked all my settings in Adobe Bridge and everything seems to be saying that TIFF files should open in Camera Raw when I click on then int and then into photoshop when finished editing in camera raw.


      I'm trying to open 32 bit HDR images saved as a TIFF file into Camera Raw, and there seems to be nothing I can do to get them there. I have tried everything I can think of. When I right click on it (cmd click I'm on a mac) the option to open in camera Raw isn't there. I have tried clicking and dragging the image into Photoshop to try and force it maybe to open into Camera Raw, and I have opened photoshop and tried opeing it up from mini Bridge. In mini bridge I have the option to open the image into Camera Raw when I click this nothing happens.


      I'm not sure what else to try I'm on CS6 and Camera Raw 7.0 .