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    Location of database IP address for Cold Fusion to connect

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      The Web/application server where the Cold Fusion is located and the database servers were cloned from the production environment and installed on seperate VM Servers in a protected environment.


      When I try to connect to the VM database server from the VM Web/application (Using Cold Fusion Administration), the network traffic is showing the production IP of the database server.


      I cannot find the production IP of the database server in the Cold Fusion Administration screens. (The version of Cold Fusion is 9 Enterprise).


      The question I have is where on the Web/application VM Server would the IP address be of the production database server?








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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It should be each of the individual datasources that are connected to that server.  In CF Administrator, in the left-hand navigation pane, expand "Data & Services".  Click on "Data Sources".  You'll have to examine each one that lists the type of database server you use under the "Driver" column to find the one(s) connected to your production server.  For each data source, click on the edit icon under the "Actions" column, or click on the data source name.  This will bring up a form where you can change the name or IP address of the database server.  Change the name or IP and click Submit.  Repeat for each datasource that needs to be updated.


          -Carl V.