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    Simple 3d object question with C4D and AECC

    PaulGrogan Level 1

      I've been struggling for 2 weeks now on trying to do something very simple, but I've come to the conclusion that it is not possible in CS6, so I have downloaded the trial version of CC to try.


      Here's what i want to do.   Create a 3d object - say a coin, or a cardboard box.  Then put that object into AE and do things with it - like scale it, rotate it, etc.


      I've managed to create the object in C4D no problem, but when I load it into AE, it is fixed.  I cant even move it without getting the red error bar, so it appears that once in AE it has to stay exactly the same size as the composition.  But I just cant work out how I'm supposed to get this to work.  One forum I read says that I need to do the animation itself in C4D, but this doesnt make sense to me.   My entire movie is created in AE.


      Currently I am using a 2d coin for example - I created this in AE with just a 2d image of a coin and when it rotates to the other side, the image swaps for the 'tails'.  It looks great, except it has zero thickness.  But, I control the scale, position and rotation all within AE.  If I was to have to create the rotation in C4D, I cant work out how exactly I'm supposed to get it to line up with all the other layers in AE and the timings and everything.


      I've asked on other forums, and the answer is "go and buy element 3d", but I'm sure something as simple as this should be possible with C4D and AE:CC, I just dont know how.


      To try and explain more, lets say I have a movie of me walking on camera and then flipping a coin towards the camera, but the coin is digitally created.


      Thanks in advance all.