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    Very confused with image quality.

    The Cycling Viking

      Hello all,


      I've recently designed a jersey for my cycling club and I was asked to print off the design to make club key rings. This is the red, blue and white jersey in the photograph below. The quality was ok because there was not much detail. I know the text and the logo on the chest are a tad fuzzy but I just assumed that was due to the size of the print.






      However, I've since been given a key ring completed by somebody else and the sharpness and the quality of even the smallest details are crystal clear. The jerseys are exactly the same size.




      I tried a second design (the blue Garmin jersey) and although the details do not look too bad in this image they are still very fuzzy in comparison, there is no crispness to the images.




      I've been producing the images in PS CS5 and saving them as PNG files (the sofware to display the jersey can not open PDS files).


      Is this simply a case of these being pixel files and not vector files? the printer perhaps? It has a DPI of 9600 x 2400. Paper issues (using gloss photo paper).


      I'm not very clued up when it comes to the Adobe products and choosing what software to use, but from the limited info I have obtained I suspect that the yellow jersey has been designed using Illustrator? If that is the case how has he been able to achieve such results?


      Any advice/ info will be very welcome,


      Kindest regrds