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    Exporting Motion Tracking (Becomes Out Of Position)

    Dayln Girard

      Exactly like the title says, I am motion tracking a logo out of my clip by using simple motion tracking.  The shot is a bit shakey but the tracker does a pretty good job, then afterwards to be certian I am going through frame by frame to ensure the entire logo is blurred out.  (Its fairly big). And doing minor adjustments if need be. 


      After rendering the clip in my composition window and watching it, its plays through nicely, exacly how I want it. 


      The I hit (Command M) to "Make Movie" and render my clip out.  I use "Best Settings" and render it out, the issue here is that when it is rendering, my blur becomes out of place and does NOT follow the logo like it should be.  It jumps around, it dosent completely leave the logo, and jump all over the screen, but it makes the logo clealy visible. But it somewhat follows the logo across the screen in a horizintal matter, but does not stay in place like how the motion tracker/I set it to be.


      This is weird to me because I have blurred out several things in the film using the same method already, and for some reason this one is just not working. 


      I am on MAC OSX 10.9.2

      Running Creative Suite CS5



      Any ideas!?


      Thanks Much

      Dayln Girard