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    swf in swf

    byenary Level 1
      Hello within my movie i try to load another movie wich goes fine but...

      I want to movie to be full screen (i mean the full size of the original movie)

      How should i handle this ?
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          squipple Level 1
          Well, one obvious solution is to make the content loading in the same size :)

          But, I'm guessing you've got many sizes of things you're loading. Using the content from the loadMovie provided, this will make the mc named 'clip' size to the size of the swf's stage once it's loaded. This assumes the mc named 'clip' is a blank mc and is positioned at 0,0.

          onEnterFrame = function () {
          if (clip._width>0) {
          onEnterFrame = null;
          function clipSize() {
          clip._width = Stage.width;
          clip._height = Stage.height;