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    Hidden Text Reflow?

    Caroline Schibel

      I'm building a fillable form that needs to have a lot of "conditional" text:


      If box "a" is clicked than information for "a" appears below all options:


      __A option

      __B option

      __C option


      __hidden information for A until box is clicked

      __hidden information for B until box is clicked

      __hidden information for C until box is clicked


      I figured out how to show and hide information just fine via InDesign, but what I can't figure out is how to reflow the information, so if they click "A" and "C" but not "B", I want the information to show without having gaps for the options that aren't clicked:




      _x_ A option

      __ B option

      _x_ C option




      __show information for A

      __show information for C

      (information for B stays hidden and all other text reflows)


      Is this possible with JavaScript?


      Thank you!