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    Presenter 9 after I publish the file won't play on my computer



      Quick version- presenter 9 won't play a published file.  It starts the viewer, but the green circle just spins. 


      brand new computer, fresh download of presenter 9 today. 

      Win 8.1

      office 2013

      Firefox browser

      FIle created in Presenter 7 on aother computer, copied into a new computer (along with all the resource and data and so files).

      it's long, about 45 min

      I am able to preveiw the entire thing- audio works, embedded shockwave demos created in captivate work.  It just won't play in the browser.  I've tried both 'view output when complete' when I'm publising it, and just manuallly clicking on the index file after it's published.  neither works.  I also tried using explorer but that was worse- it leaves a white screen without even loading the viewer. 


      just to test I made a new presentation with only a couple slides and no audio.  that will publish and play in the browser properly.


      I have the latest flash and shockwave.


      It seems like it should work since it previews fine.


      any ideas??