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    Dialog buttons not working - Windows 7


      Hey guys,


      Just got Flash CC for Windows 7 to be used with some Crestron software (which is Windows only).

      Most of the popup/dialog boxes come up with buttons. Required buttons like "Yes" or "No" when asked to perform certain operations.

      I can mouse over these buttons and watch them change highlight color. But clicking accomplishes nothing. Nothing happens. Which means I can't do a lot, because the dialog box takes control of the program, and the only way out is to say "Yes", "No", or "Cancel" (or whatever that box may want)....which as many times as I might click, nothing happens.


      I dual boot my machine, and haven't run into the problem on OSX. But because I'm integrating Flash with another program that's Windows only, it'd be great if I could do it all in Windows.


      Has anyone else seen this happen? Is there a fix?