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      Hey Everyone!

      OK, so this web site was working fine - then i went back in to add the loading bar and cut down the picture sizes... then when i went to reupload it to the server all the buttons starting acting up!

      Now i dont know if this is just because im reading it off my computer and maybe theres something wrong on my side. or if its on everyones computer!

      Check out the site http://www.OneForTheDitch.net

      And can someone let me know if its acting up on their computer - and if so, how do i fix it?! (i didnt even change any code!)

      THANXS in advance :)
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          Well none of the buttons seem to do what the writing says...menu goes to pictures and the pictures are toggled on repeat clicks...also the buttons are based on the text so when you click, for example, in between the legs of the m in menu the button loses focus.

          I think that you possibly have referenced them through _root and then loaded the movie from within the loading bar movie...this causes the buttons to behave incorrectly (though usually they would just not work at all). If this is the case reference everything from 'this' or this._parent etc and it should clear up.

          In terms of the button text....for each button place a transparent (0% alpha) box around the area where the button should have focus, that will make it much more sensible.

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            EBDelos Level 1
            so what your basically saying is that because i put the loading bar clip in there - it shifted some actions around?

            "If this is the case reference everything from 'this' or this._parent etc and it should clear up." ---- when you say reference everything - do you mean buttons? or the action script layer? can you help me on this part? if i put the loading bar on a different scene, would this be an easier solution?

            as for the buttons - i did notice that.. i will try your suggestion!

            Thanxs for the help!! :)
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              EBDelos Level 1
              i think i fixed the button problem.... i just placed the loading group of layers and actions on a sperate scene and it seems to work propperly now! try it out just so i can be sure... http://www.OneForTheDitch.net

              I still have to fix the buttons... but i would love to get some feed back! this is only my second flash site, my first is my own portfolio/freelance site http://www.BraytonGraphics.com

              Thanxs! :)