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    How to stream stereo mp3 (bufferTime=0) and use enhancedMicrophone together, playback is distorted


      I am trying to playback streaming mp3 stereo audio as a live stream while using echo cancellation features of the enhancedMicrophone.


      The mp3 stereo stream is a server-side modified stream of conference participants' audio input.  It is routed through AMS. The codec can be modified.


      Each participant's audio is generated using the available features of the Flash client and transmitted via NetStream.


      The goal is to enable echo cancellation on each of the clients.


      Using a normal microphone works, but no echo cancellation.


      Setting the mp3 netstream bufferTime > 0 provides great playback, but no echo cancellation of the stereo audio stream.


      Any other suggestions?


      I would be excited to have access to the client's raw microphone data prior to shipping it via the netstream as it would allow me to enable my own AEC algorithms.