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    How dependable are snippets?

    Jóhann Leó Level 1



      I am asking this question because i am planning to integrate a new workflow at work.


      As it is, we go seek text + image + logo for products to layout in old indesign files and it is driving me nuts! (it´s slow and dumb in my opinion)


      The plan is to save every product as a snippet so we can find it in finder (were using macs) and drag them into publications we are laying-out.


      Having use snippets very little i have to ask, how dependable are they? If i were to create a library of say 2000 snippets

      and sync the snippet library (and linked images) to two other computers, would the snippets hold?


      I guess what i am wondering is are snippets like mini-indesign file, designed to last every version up, or are they a novel format designed as a quick

      fix to something?


      Is there anywhere i could read about this?


      Thank you for taking the time to read this,

      Jóhann Leó