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    Setting up new book with single pages but facing preview and breaking up pages at print time

    lisalip Level 1

      I have a new book to design.  Last time on a similar project (with 100 pages) I had a massive cry at print time as the printer wanted single pages with bleeds. I had set up the book with facing pages.  When I unchecked to non facing pages I lost all my formatting and margins...   I spent hours fixing this up.... I do need to show double spreads to the client as we go along and I do want to work in a mode that shows both left and right next to each other (ie in a book format).  What do you suggest? I have been looking at setting up as single pages side by side and then at print time I think I can move all my right hand pages over with the break up page function and then fix up all my bleeds manually.? thanks in advance

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