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    Disabling the systemTrayIcon property in displayTemplate dont work

      I've tried to update an older application, builded with Director 8.5 and using a couple of MIAWs, to Director MX 2004. All work fine but the MIAWs, using either the new DisplayTemplate panel AND Lingo have a strange behavior: print their icons into the system tray, except if the type of the window = #tool. I need to have some MIAWs in modal way and to obtain this the only way is setting the window type = #dialog. But, in this case, into the system tray appear the icon of the MIAW, togheter the icon of the projector. I have not found any workaround...

      Below there is an example of lingo used to test the property setting:

      global myMiawPath

      on startMovie

      myMiawPath = the moviePath & "Components\about.dxr"


      on openAbout

      window().new ("about")
      window("about").filename = myMiawPath

      window("about").type = #document
      window("about").titlebarOptions.visible = FALSE
      window("about").appearanceOptions.border = #none
      window("about").systemTrayIcon = FALSE -- THIS WOULD BE A SOLUTION...

      window("about").visible = TRUE


      but don't work: the icon in the system tray is ALWAYS visible since the type of window is different from #tool. Anyone have encountered the same (very fastidious) problem? And there is any solution? Thanks very much.