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    Transition "jumps" into place at stop().


      Hi!  I am very new to Edge Animate.  I am sure this is something simple that I'm doing wrong but I can't find it in the discussion group and can't seem to figure it out.


      I am working on the following animation: http://www.envisionideas.com/FORUMLending/Lending.html


      As you swipe right and/or swipe left, the screen stops just before it should, pauses for a second, and then snaps/jumps into place.  I don't know why the transition doesn't function smoothly.  I can't find anything in the timeline that would make it pause and then jump into place.  I've considered that it could be related to easing, but the easing is set to be linear so that shouldn't be causing this problem.  Also, I've noticed that the transition seems to be much worse on an iPad than my Windows laptop.


      Any suggestions would be IMMENSELY appreciated.





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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          If you post/PM me you source files ,I can have a look at them.

          Just to be clear,you are talking about the transition that happens when I click on the 'right arrow' or 'left arrow' at the bottom of the page ?

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            AngieMM19 Level 1

            Thank you for your offer to help!


            I've worked with the files since I posted this problem and have it working much better now, although it is really slow.  My client wants several links on each page so that may be causing the speed problems?


            The issue isn't so much the right and left arrows - it's more when you swipe right or left with your finger on an ipad.  The transition is slow getting started and then gets within about 1/4 inch of where it should be, pauses, then snaps into place.


            This is all done via the timeline as I know very little javascript.  I will PM you the files so you can take a look. 


            Thanks again for your help!


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