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    New Mac Pro internal PCIe flash disk Ae cache - partition?


      I have ordered a new Mac Pro, 8-core, D700s, 64 GB RAM, and the 1TB PCIe internal flash boot drive.  I would like information directly from Adobe on how to best utilize the internal flash drive as my cache drive for Ae, Pr, Au and Ps.. With 1TB, I figure I can allocate half towards being my dedicated cache for Adobe apps.  My question is, is it best to just create a folder on the boot drive to use as my cache, or is it better to partition the drive into two halves-one half for the boot and documents, and the second partition as the dedicated cache drive?  I'm thinking it might be a good idea to partition so that the boot half of the drive is protected from wear from the heavy writes incurred by the caches?  Any other advice specific to optimizing Adobe apps for the nmp would be appreciated too.  Thanks.

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          Bob Currier Level 3

          Wear leveling is done at the drive level, not the partition level, so partitioning won't help with that issue.


          Partitioning has the advantage of making it so that if your cache fills up it won't run your boot disk out of space, which Mac OS still doesn't handle very gracefully.


          What I opted to do was to get an external SSD drive for cache. Why? Because caching puts a lot of stress on the drive and it's a lot cheaper to replace a standard SATA SSD drive than it is to replace the built-in Apple-specific SSD.


          That was my thinking anyway. We'll all know more after the new MacPros have been out for a year or two.


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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            There is also the slow down factor of the Flash drive as the garbarge builds up. The only way to reset that to the original performance is to wipe the drive. That is easy on a seperate SSD. The OS drive however is far more complicated. I would not suggest putting the media cache there. The AE cache may not build up as quick. I would still suggest a seperate SSD for them though that that would be TB based.