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    Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions


      Just bought new laptop. Downloaded Adobe Digital Editions. Tried to authorize. Received error message that same Adobe ID cannot be used on diff computer.

      Not had this issue before since used ADE on both desktop and old laptop. Only have the one eMail address to use as Adobe ID.

      How do I authorize

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          Maan$naam Level 1

          Hi there,

                        The one thing with Adobe Digital Edition is, it is for limited devices.
                        When you tried to authorize your device with your adobe id of digital edition, it would have not worked.

                        Not to worry, you can just through the de-authorize and re-authorize steps to keep your email address working for the device.


                        In Adobe Digital Edition (ADE), if you press Ctrl+Shift+D (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+D (Mac) will remove the activation on your computer, and allow you to reactivate with a different ID or the same ID when you launch ADE again. 

                        Press "Ctrl+Shift+E", this will bring up the "Device Deactivation" dialog.

                        Select your Reader and deactivate it.

                        Unplug and replug your Reader

                        The Device Authorization dialog should show up, and you can authorize again with your Adobe ID.


                         In case if the above steps do not work, you can surely approach Adobe trained agents on adobe.com Monday to Friday on working hours and you will come out with smiling face.


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            Was finally able to authorize my computer.  Was getting ready to pull my hair out.

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              Maan$naam Level 1

              You are most welcome.
              Nice to see you happy

              At any point of time, you face any issue you can contact Adobe customer service on Adobe digital edition.


              Take care


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                I have been trying to resolve this problem for months and finally have my Kobo back. I was starting to think I would never resolve the issue. Thank you times a million!!!

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                  javastop Level 1

                  I have completed these steps many many times and still cannot read my library books on my Kobo Ereader - any advice?  Like the others I am ready to pull my hair out!